"I came to Caroline knowing I wanted something different but I was not sure what 'it' was, I only knew I want to get healthier and re-evaluate my life and career. 
The first thing we worked on was improving my diet and introducing exercise to re-energise me, my sleep improved as a result. I now have a clear mind and energy to help me find what the 'it' is. 
I am working further with Caroline to get a real plan to enable me to explore some exciting opportunities, so I can hit the ground running with a new venture. 
Caroline provides valuable accountability to move me forward so I don’t procrastinate or stagnate, I now have a true belief that I can make big changes in my life." 
- Helen 
"Before I came to work with Caroline, I had low self confidence. I lacked focus and direction, both in my personal life and in my business. 
Working with Caroline helped me let go of fear, so I could take control of my life and understand the direction I wanted to take my business in. I now have clarity of what I want and I am already moving forward without putting in the amount of effort I was before. 
Our work together has been amazing, I believe my dreams are going to be my reality. I 100% miss our sessions together." 
- Becca 
"I wanted to write to thank you for all your help and support during this 90-day programme. 
Your coaching skills have helped me transform my life in so many ways I didn't even know were possible. 
I've been able to change my relationship with food to such an extent that I've lost a stone, and drop a size in clothes. I really wanted to lose weight, that was my big idea when I signed up, but actually, you showed me that what I really wanted was to improve my relationship with my own body and my health. 
You've helped me increase my energy levels, my confidence and I feel so much better. 
I found that your programme has had an impact on every aspect of my life because of the amount of energy I have. I know I have a way to go yet, and I can't wait to get started on the next part of my life." 
- Victoria 
"When I came to work with Caroline I was stressed, overweight and had trouble sleeping. 
Working with Caroline, I lost just over 4 stone, and I have now maintained this loss for more than a year. 
The biggest changes I experienced in my life are that I am so much happier with my work and home life through improved communication and seeing difficult situations from a different perspective and handling them in a total different way. 
I now believe what I thought was impossible is possible and I have a plan when I retire to live my dream life up in Scotland." 
- Sue 
"I came to Caroline as I was facing a difficult time. I was feeling guilty that I was not doing enough for my family, especially my mum who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s dementia. On top of this, I was struggling to maintain a weight loss I had achieved via a slimming club. 
I quickly realised that I AM doing a good job taking care of my family. Caroline taught me to take care of myself as a priority then I will be more able to care for others. I have been drinking so much water I now feel energetic, fresh light, bright and happy. I am in control of my weight and I don’t need slimming clubs anymore. The result was 2½ inches off my waist in 10 weeks, which I am really happy with. 
Caroline is amazing, she provides support and guidance to get anyone where they want to be, I was in danger of spiralling out of control, I now feel I have the power to move forward with a better life for me and my family.I am really looking forward to the coming months and continued improved health and wellbeing along with my planned vacation later this year. Thank you Caroline 
I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who just knows something in their life could be better, but needs help to get there." 
- Wendy 
"Before working with Caroline I was lacking in motivation and feeling 'stuck in a rut' with weight loss and life in general. 
Working with her I have learned to listen to my own body, and eat only what gives me energy. 
I have let go of the guilt regarding weight loss and I can handle stressful situations better. 
I have lost 6 inches from my waist in 2 months, and I feel confident that I can continue losing inches in the coming months. 
Working with Caroline has changed my life and is worth every penny." 
- Sonja 
"Caroline is a very inspiring, and skilled coach. 
She has helped me really focus on prioritising my health and learning to say 'no' without feeling guilty about putting myself first! 
This was the first step for me, and paved the way for a challenging (at times), yet enjoyable and positive 30-Day Jump Start. 
I have more energy, better digestion and an ongoing plan for my work-life balance. 
Thank you Caroline, you've given me some great tips and tools, and I feel prepared and motivated in going forward." 
- Marie 

If these testimonials resonate with you, please get in touch 

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